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Posted on October 15, 2014 by Ray Holmes | 2 Comments

I've made mention here and there over the past few weeks re: making these bracelets for Slowdive, and soon, beginning with the DC show on the 22nd (one week from this writing), they'll be available to purchase, wear & love. 348 of them. In black, and in red. It took a month of work to the exclusion of near all else, with a semi-long distance home/shop move thrown in---but this is the kind of thing that makes HOLMES a satisfying enterprise. Doing good work with good people.

Tour dates:

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Alane Fajayan
Alane Fajayan

November 11, 2014

Bought one of these beauties at the Slowdive show at ace hotel. Will these be for sale on like too?


October 18, 2014

So cool! I hope there are some left at the NYC show if only 348 were made! Nice job!

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