Do you do custom work? Can you change __(fill in the blank)__ on a particular strap?

Yes. Everything I do is fully handmade and the specs for just about anything you see in the shop can be changed to fit your needs. If you have an idea for a strap (or anything else) you'd like to see brought to life, I can likely make it happen. Use the contact button on the front page.


How large are the punched button holes on HOLMES straps?

I use a 1/4" standard hole + slit combo for HOLMES straps, but a percentage of the time this isn't large enough, especially if strap locks are going to be used. If you plan on ordering and are in doubt, let me know what you need. This goes for strap lock issues or if you just have funky/large buttons on your guitar. 


How long should I expect to wait for my guitar strap, belt, tooled leather pants, etc.?

Everything at HOLMES is done by hand and takes a little time- from cutting to assembly, dyeing, stitching (if required), and finishing. Each item listing gives an estimate for delivery, averaging 7-10 days. 


What is the difference between the Chocolate Brown and Cordovan Brown? 

Here's are swatches photographed in natural light. I hand dye everything I make, and the process is a lot more art than it is science- especially with the brown shades- so keep in mind that slight variations in color occur from piece to piece. I can always get it pretty close though.