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Happy Holidays

Posted on December 20, 2020 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

I've been lax with the blog posts lately, but it's been quite a year as we all know, and here at HOLMES I've been head down, isolating, and working as usual. 

Here's to happy holidays, good health, and a brighter 2021for all.


Posted on May 21, 2019 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

It took me years and a specific request to get around to doing a strap (or anything) in yellow. Now done, it's pretty awesome. It'll take a bit more time to add it as a color option in individual listings, so meantime let me know via 'contact' if you're wanting it.

Hiss Fobs

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

HOLMES-made leather key fobs for Hiss Golden Messenger. Debossed with the Hiss wand logo, these are available through the Hiss website in either black or brown, both with brass hardware. As I write I think the black fobs may already be sold out.


Custom Buckle Front

Posted on January 20, 2019 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

HOLMES custom buckle-front strap for Jared Artaud of the band The Vacant Lots. 

Custom straps are a big part of what I do---in this case, riffing on older existing strap, finding the right buckle, and building the strap around it.

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Ntl Fobs

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

HOLMES-made key fobs for The National. I believe these are a Cherry Tree fan club exclusive--check it out here:

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Slowdive / KEXP

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

Halstead + HOLMES + Tele // #Slowdive session from October, KEXP screenshots always make for pretty pictures. Video can be found on YouTube ✖️✖️ #HOLMES #fender #kexp

Instagram: holmes_co_

Happy New Year

Posted on January 21, 2018 by Ray Holmes | 0 Comments

Between a busy holiday season and dodging California wildfires, I'm a little late with the wishes, but here's hoping 2018 is a good one for everyone. Thanks for the continued support! 


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