A few kind words...


"By far the most coveted thing on stage."

- Jason Pierce / Spiritualized


"This stuff is intense - tactile evidence of a human hand's work and intent."

- Alan Sparhawk / LOW


"A HOLMES strap feels instantly beloved. Possibly better than cats and pizza."

- Tom Blankenship / My Morning Jacket


 "Black fabric. My main strap since the day I got one. Love it."

- Scott Devendorf / The National 


 "I'm seriously hard on them, but they take the abuse and just keep going. HOLMES straps are my favorite in the whole world."

- Lee Ranaldo / Sonic Youth / The Dust


 "It just so happens I wear a piece of HOLMES leather every day."

- Dean Wareham / Luna / Galaxie 500


"Best guitar straps that I have ever used. Comfortable and resilient. Not only great straps, but all things in leather."

- Norman Westberg / Swans


                                               - Jared Artaud / The Vacant Lots